ITOPIA Asset Management Co.,Ltd.


Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces

To ensure the soundness and fairness of the capital market and the safety of customers and employees, ITOPIA Asset Management Co.,Ltd. will sever any relations with organized crime groups, their related persons, corporate racketeers and other anti-social forces. It will confront unjust demands, etc. as the whole of an organization led by the President & Representative Director and take all possible means to oppose such demands in coordination and cooperation with the police and other relevant authorities.

  • ITOPIA Asset Management Co.,Ltd. will not conduct any transaction with anti-social forces. In the event that a counterparty who already has conducted transactions with the Company is discovered to be anti-social forces, the Company will take measures for terminating such relationships as soon as possible.
  • ITOPIA Asset Management Co.,Ltd. shall establish a department with overall responsibility for countermeasures against unjust demands from anti-social forces (hereinafter the "anti-social forces response division") and develop a control environment for preventing anti-social forces from inflicting damage.
  • ITOPIA Asset Management Co.,Ltd. will reject any and all unjust demands from anti-social forces. The management team will proactively respond to any unjust demand from anti-social forces in cooperation with the anti-social forces response division. The Company will consult external expert organizations such as the police, the National Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan and lawyers and take all legislative response against anti-social forces in both civil and criminal aspects.
  • ITOPIA Asset Management Co.,Ltd. will never provide funds to anti-social forces.