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Policy for the Protection of Personal Information

ITOPIA Asset Management Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter the "Company") has established a basic policy described below to handle personal information (excluding specific personal information) by adhering to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter the "Personal Information Protection Act"), relevant laws and regulations, guidelines of the supervisory authorities, etc.

Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company shall develop and implement internal regulations and safety control and management systems concerning the handling of personal information and acquire personal information through appropriate means in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Purpose of use of personal information

The Company may handle personal information in operating comprehensive real estate investment advisory business, financial instruments business, real estate brokerage business and those which the Company will be authorized to operate in the future. The Company shall use personal information for the purposes stated in the following items.

  1. To acquire properties (including real estate associated with trust beneficiary interests. The same shall apply hereunder) by the Company or a customer who entrusts the Company with the management of properties or the provision of advice on the management thereof (hereinafter, the "Customer"), implement checks prior to the acquisition thereof, review said acquisition and perform subsequent management services.
  2. To sell properties by the Company or the Customer, implement checks by the purchaser or by a new property management company prior to the sale thereof, review said sale and perform subsequent management services.
  3. To grasp and manage the leasing status of properties owned by the Company or the Customer, manage rental revenue situation and perform invoice processing services concerning the cost of restoring to the original state, etc.
  4. To confirm the credit status of a leaseholder of properties, which are owned or are subject to review concerning potential acquisition by the Company or the Customer, or a person considering leasing thereof (including cases where such confirmation is implemented by a real estate management company entrusted by the Company or the Customer) and perform services concerning the conclusion of a lease contract.
  5. To conduct, at the time of entering into transactions, the confirmation of matters required in accordance with the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds.
  6. In addition to the matters stated in the preceding items, to perform transactions between the Company or the Customer and a business partner thereof in an appropriate and smooth manner.

Restriction on use of personal information

The Company shall not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the purposes of use specified above, unless set forth by the Personal Information Protection Act and relevant laws and regulations.

Appropriate management of personal information

The Company shall establish a basic policy, handling regulations, etc. pertaining to security management of personal information, keep all officers and employees informed on the security management and endeavor to ensure that the Company implements measures for the prevention of the leakage, loss or extinguishment of, or damage to personal data. In addition, it shall make continuous improvement of the basic policy and security management measures in light of the status of implementation thereof.

Restriction on provision of personal data to third parties

Except where set forth by the Personal Information Protection Act, relevant laws and regulations, etc., the Company shall not provide personal data of an individual to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of that individual.

Handling of outsourcing

The Company may outsource the handling of personal information, etc. to a third party for the services that are handled or will be handled in the future by the Company. In such a case, the Company shall execute necessary and appropriate supervision over the contractor to which Personal Data handling is outsourced in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, relevant laws and regulations, etc.

Procedures for requesting disclosure, etc. of personal information

In the case where any individual whose personal information is retained by the Company makes a request pertaining to his/her personal information, including disclosure, correction or deletion of the content, cessation of the use or cessation of the provision to third parties of that information, the Company shall respond appropriately to such request, unless otherwise set forth by the Personal Information Protection Act and relevant laws and regulations. In such a case, please submit your request by mail or telephone addressed to the contact point described below.

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Complaints, inquiries, and consultation

For complaints, inquiries, and consultation related to personal information, please contact the above contact information.